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Just amazing, buddy of min that just died had a 69 hemi charger leather interior power windows and 4 speed with 2 Ray Barton (mr hemi ) built hemis , bought it for $5,000.00 in 1984 , his sister just sold it last year for $50,000 . Did she get burnt ! The motors were fresh builds from Bartons Montreal shop from 1977- 1982 around that time ,I'd say the motors were worth at least 15-20 g a piece , and the original under 10,000 mile Charger body ?
Only valuable motor I had that I should have kept was a complete 440 six pac block with heads and 12.5.1 balanced TRW forged pistons , still have one of the pistons that broke when mallory came out of the crank hit piston at 6,000 rpm .
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