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Old 05-24-2011
Omegaman Omegaman is offline
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Default This is going to be the base for my next fun plinker......

......an EMF JR 9mm Carbine!

There are several large gun shows coming up in this area over the next month, and I think I'm going to pick one of these up for around $450.00. I saw one a few weeks ago at the last show, and didn't really know much about it except that I liked it. It was not as cheap or junky looking as the Kel-Tec Sub-2000's, and it uses - get this - GLOCK MAGAZINES!! So just get a Glock 32-round mag and blast away!!

The first generation had their hiccups apparently. Generation 2 has been refined, and no real problems being reported with them that I can find. From what I hear, this carbine is actually made in the USA, unlike some of EMF's other products. You have the ability of switching the bolt to either right or left positions, safety is like an AR switch, etc. Best of all, it takes alot of AR platform accessories, so I can ditch the stock Picatinny forend and put on a free-floating aluminum tube, DPMS target grip, Magpul buttstock, & Osprey Internation scope that I all have just laying around right now.

For those not liking 9mm or Glock magazines, no problem! EMF also has this chambered in .40 S&W and .45 ACP, and will be soon be compatible with other platform magazines such as Sig, Ruger, Uzi, etc.
Lastly, there is rumour that if there is enough demand, a 10mm version may be in the pipeline!! That would actually be able to give you some distance & hitting power out over 100-150 yards. 10mm......Droooooool.

I have no illusions about this carbine, it will be for nothing but fun range plinking at up to 100 yards, maybe 150 yards if I rest it real good and use the right ammo. Fuck it, SportsmanGuide has some real good deals on bulk 9mm ammo lately, so I'm stocking up for some summer fun!

- OmegaMan
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