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Old 05-24-2011
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Default Cellular guinea pig

On the 27th of last month my carrier Alltel morfed into AT&T. This thanks to a Verizon buy out of Alltel and subsequent divestiture to avoid monopoly problems. CDMA to 3G/4G was also part of the transition.

I've been a cell user since 1996 and strictly cellular since 2000. I've been with Cellular One then Alltel but with a brief unpleasant stint in 2005 with Verizon. In all those years I've always had service at my house. Sometimes not the best, but still.... With the conversion to AT&T that changed. All I'd get is "Emergency Calls Only!" at home.... no service in or out. Was told by customer service numb bots that the engineers were "working on it." This for the last couple weeks. Yeah right.... Finally got really pissed and went to the AT&T main office and spoke with the area manager. He pulled up data which showed my home area would have good service from a tower which unfortunately was marked "pending." Couldn't get data on the current coverage nor any hang your hat on dates for when this tower would go into service. Seems the reason for why things sucked become evident to all concerned.

Since my son's AT&T HTC 4G Inspire wouldn't work at my house either any notion of trying different phones became a quick non-starter. What we decided to do was make me the areas guinea pig with the first femtocell home installation. An AT&T (Cisco) MicroCell was ordered gratis for me. I feel pretty confident that when installed this puppy will indeed do the trick. Service out and about is good to go so with the home fix I'll be happy.


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