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Old 06-17-2011
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Default Arkansas.................


I came here in the summer of 2006, from Orange Park, Florida. My wife died in February and I left in June, on my way to Seattle and beyond.

Seems that I never made it past El Dorado. I bought a house (a century old cottage) on N. Madison Ave, let my adopted grandson go live with his father, and married Elaine. I also left the Roman Catholic communion, and was baptized a Southern Baptist.

I finished my MBA at Little Rock Air Force Base, a hunded and twenty mile drive that I made weekly for two years. Then I qualified to teach high school science (chemistry and physics) in the Arkansas public schools, and worked one school year in a 99% Black school district.

Arkansas (mainly El Dorado) is a study in stark contrasts. I live two doors down from a billionaire, and in a neighborhood with hundreds of millionaires, yet within two miles of my house exists poverty of such depth that would make Mexico or even Cuba ashamed!

But I am very comfortable here. I have a rent a small portrait studio, have a photobooth in another rented building downtown, my wife is a wedding planner and has all the work she wants to do, my 31ft Rockwood is on the Ouchita river on a lot we own........... I am a Rotarian, drive a Mercedes and am "well respected," kind of a noblisse oblige term of art in the neighborhood.

My late wife, Lily (my Skye Terrier, and closest companion) and I will be buried together in the High Banks Cemetary, where the first grave dates from 1848.

I am about as happy as any live man can be! (from Plato, "Never call a living man happy!")
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