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Old 06-21-2011
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Default Jeewish cramp on buying a camera.........

Thinking about a new camera, just hard to justify.

In my life I have owned many very expensive cameras, and most of them have earned their keep. The list (from memory)

Argus C-3
Nikkormat FTN
Mamiya C330
Leica M2R and M3
Century Graphic 23
Mamiya 645
Calumet 4x5 View
Koni Omega Rapid M
Canon Rebel (2)
Nikon Ftn

And at least a couple of dozen digital cameras
Polaroid ( 4 or 5)
Olympus (4 or 5)
Sony Mavica
Nikon 995
Canon G2
Canon Rebel XT
Canon Rebel Xs (photobooth with Breeze Systems software)
Canon Rebel t3i (portrait studio)

With the exception of the Argus C-3, I have had tons of lenses and accessories for all the film cameras………..and I have managed to trim my collection of Canon EF lenses back to five. And studio equipment! I have so many lights it is unbelievable, at least two studios worth.

But now I want to buy a Canon 5GIII with a 24-105 EF USM IS L, 70-200 USM IS L. The total for these comes to about $7500 or thereabouts. Adjusted for inflation back to 1972, less than what my Leica M stuff cost.

I have the money, but I am having trouble pulling the trigger!
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