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Old 06-26-2011
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Default Weekend ride and pics...

Saturday I did my usual ride to Buffalo and back. It was a picture perfect day and a lot of the snow that was up high has melted off.

Today (Sun) I decided I needed a change. The weather didn’t look too bad but the further north I went the worse it looked. I decided to press on and figured that I could always turn back if it was too bad. It turned out fine - I dodged all of the rain that was around except for about 2 miles of sprinkles on the way home.

I went to Burgess Junction which is in the northern part of the Bighorns. I couldn’t go up Shell Canyon as it’s closed due to a landslide so I had to ride to Lovell and then east. I had never been up this road before and it was nice and curvy though it had a fair amount of places with road damage. There are some serious grades on this road and I can’t imagine trying to come down the mountain with a motorhome or pulling a travel trailer, though I saw people doing just that. There’s a lot more snow at this end of the Bighorns and it was pretty damn cool for a while. I saw two moose and a few deer up there.

Total mileage for the weekend was approximately 740 miles.

On the way up….


“I can see for miles and miles….”

On the way home between Lovell and Greybull….
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