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Old 06-30-2011
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I haven't either, but I have a respect for those who served in Vietnam and currently in the sand traps of the Middle East or Afghanistan.

What you say is correct.....it is so unbearably fucking hot over there in Southeast Asia. I was in Thailand May 2010. Took a tour of the famous floating market, and then down the Mekong. Hong Kong was hot.....but Thailand? The fucking sweltering heat and humidity especially, is so unbearable that you sweat constantly from the moment you step out of the plane. I've been on the Gulf coast of Florida in July and felt heat....but Southeast Asia heat/humidity is something else.

My father was in Vietnam as well. Plaeku, DukTo, etc. I didn't understand heat until I went there myself. I couldn't imagine being a grunt and lugging around 50 lbs of shit in that jungle all day and also trying to avoid the enemy. And it's funny, because the natives are so used to it that they were LONG SLEEVES, and laugh there asses off at us. I was in shorts and short sleeves, had water bottle constantly, and there were times I just had to sit down or else risk passing out. I was there for a week and ate mostly veggies, fruit, and fish/shrimp, and I lost at least 10 lbs there just sweating it off.

Some people I believe are made for heat and/or cold weather though. I myself am made for cold weather. It just don't bother me. I can shovel 3 feet of snow for an hour with no coat on. It just doesn't bother me. Could someone from Vietnam or Thailand? Probably not....they'd be dead. Just how we are made I think.

As for shipping 20 Billion dollars of oil for A/C.....that is just stupid. Why not have your tents or whatever powered by A/C that runs off of solar panels and battery back-up? Set up systems and let them run as stand-alones? I can't believe they actually have fuel conveys to get gas/propane out to places to run A/C? Sounds fucking retarded.....but that is the buracracy of the US Government.

- OmegaMan
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