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Old 08-18-2011
Omegaman Omegaman is offline
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Default So who's selling stock and buying gold? Also.......

......where the HELL is everyone at? This place has been dead practically all summer? Don't tell me you assholes all went back to JW's place, did you?

Seriously......my 401K actually earned 18% last quarter, but I hear alot of my older co-workers with money talking about selling this or that and buying gold. I have a coworker friend who's side business is buying gold off of desperate inner city black people for CASH. He's making a killing......2 safe's full of gold and silver. He used to own a pawn shop, so he know's what he's doing. He predicts gold will hit $3000.00 an ounce at some point. I believe him.

- OmegaMan
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