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Old 08-18-2011
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Hey I been selling FAZ over the last week , bought at 39.7 and been selling lots every time it goes over 70.00 . Will keep a little for the day it goes up to it's old high .
Some great buys out there , picked up a bit of some other stocks that should do well .
Not going into gold now , way high , might go up , but there are other metals that I invest in that will go up and are way cheaper , it's a game of percentages not total $ of a product . 10,000 in gold would not have made me as much as 10000 in lvlt i bought at 1.09 and sold at 2.59 , or the faz I bought at 39 and sold at 77.0 and 86.00 , missed the highs , but I'm not greedy
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