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Old 10-25-2011
Omegaman Omegaman is offline
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Default Sheesh......this place is dead. Or did everyone die?

I mean gees, I know there were alot of old guys here, but it seems like everyone up and died, or else they went back to JW's House? (surely, that can't be the reason could it?)

What have you guys been up to lately? This year has been ok to me so far. I took my wife to Hawaii for a solid week beginning of October. It was fantastic......weather was perfect, Oahu was beautiful. Got a great deal thru AAA. Loved it there. What I noticed and loved was that there was a constant breeze, so 85 felt much much cooler. Even though we went up into the mountains hiking, there were no fucking bugs or poison ivy. Where on the east coast can we say that?

Took some nice photos to the 9mm JR Carbine that I built up a bit, and JR happened to see them and is going to use them on their website eventually. Kinda neat.

I'm also working on a Beretta 92FS Inox project. Putting in better springs, match barrel, nicer grips, etc. Found these cool Mec-Gar magazines online that are short 20-rounders with a nice buttplate.

Haven't done anything with watches in a long time. I think I'm finally over that shit! I will admit however to browsing around in the Tournnea (or however it's spelled) in downtown Waikiki. I'm floored by how much some used stainless Rolex is now going for. Uh, aren't we in a fucking recession? Oh that's right - the rich just keep getting richer. I now shake my head at how much I used to spend on fucking watches. I mean seriously, I (and I know alot of you) have had/or used to own watches that cost more than my entire vacation, easily. That is pretty sick when you stop to think about it.

For instance, I am currently doing a partial Master Bathroom remodel. Ripping out old tub and crap walls, dryway, vanity, etc. Replacing with Swanstone Acrylic shower and wall kit, new matching vanity. Total cost including the GC's labor? $3500.00. Shit, that wouldn't even get you a used Rolex today by the look of things. Fucking crazy man.

Family is good......son is 7 pushing 8, and can shoot .22LR benchrest at 50 yards like you wouldn't believe. Isn't bad with the Ruger Mark III standing either.

What about you guys?

- OmegaMan
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