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Old 02-02-2012
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Originally Posted by Derek View Post
yeah, no shit. A friend of mine got his ears pierced in the late 80s....like 8 or 9 holes in each ear. now, he had to have plastic surgery to repair the saggy holes he had.
"He", had 8-9 holes in his ear? Sounds queer.....eerr.....queer! Your friends experience is what I think of when I see these "tribal white guys" walking around with those huge gauge ear lobes.....you know what I'm talking about.....where the fucking hole is so big you can see the moon thru it!! I'm all like......yeah, you really look like you stepped out of the Amazon - POSUER!!!!!

Is this your friend? What a freak! Also, many times I've seen and heard these freaks bitching and moaning about how they can't find a decent job. Well Duuuuh!!! If you look like fuckin' trash, and dress like trash, then chances are you aren't going to be hired by a company who doesn't want a trashy image. Imagine that? I myself have tattoos, but at least I am smart enough to get them where I can completely cover them up 99% of the time. Free country, but then don't bitch because you look like a freak and then wonder why no one will hire you.

- OmegaMan
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