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Old 02-02-2012
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Originally Posted by Derek View Post
actually, he was the frontman of a rock and roll band. far from queer. and as for having a tough time finding a job, he hasnt had a problem at all....the bastard makes easily 4x what i do working twice as much as he does.
Ok, well rock stars are the obvious exceptions here. Hell, that is a requirement in that profession!!!!

No, I was talking about everyday Joe Blow types......people that are not celebrities (who get a free pass to do ANYTHING), people in normal towns or small cities, with or without an education. Actually, I think the educated ones have it a bit rougher......they have the degree and maybe even a brain, but businesses in their choosen career (think arch-engineering firms, law firms, etc) don't want to hire them. Also, sometimes they don't give a shit how they dress in interviews either. I've seen some pretty inked up people who once they actually put on some decent business attire, managed to look quite reasonable at an interview and their ink was covered, and their piercings were all out.

Obviously being in a rock band and being successful at that makes you not give a shit about looking good at "regular" jobs, etc.

Just sayin.

- OmegaMan
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