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Old 11-03-2011
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Default So what's everyone's thoughts on this "Occupy" movement?

I'm sure Frank T. is probably out there with them demanding more financial aide off of the Government Teet, but what say you?

I myself understand some of the groanings and plight, and respect their right to organized, non-violent protest and don't think anyone should interfere as long as they are not harming anyone or businesses.

However, with that being said, I don't agree with some of their notions nor quite understand what they are griping about. I've heard that some ex-ACORN members and organizers are involved, and that doesn't surprise me one bit, but reeks of scumbags. Also, I am sicked by this "entitlement attitude" that some of these college graduates have when they state that there are no jobs waiting for them, and they openly complain about being $100-250,000 in student debt. Hello? How many jobs are available for that BA of Fine Art degree that you have? Did you not see that all jobs and industry are moving off-shore due to NAFTA? Did you not pick a major in which their is demand? If not, than why in the fuck should I pay off YOUR college debt? I paid mine off, so these lazy fuckers can pay their own debts off as well. Obama really started down the slippery path of "bailouts" for everyone and everything with the car companies (Unions), Wall Street, Airlines, etc, etc......and now every lazy scumbag in the country wants their piece of the pie. It's fuckin disgusting!!!!

My 21-year old niece left Penn State after (1) semester when she got conned into signing up for one of these Art Institutes of America tech schools. I begged and pleaded for her to just change majors at Penn State, but she had already been bamboozled by those assclowns. You know, how they help you get a job, their credits transfer, etc? BULLSHIT! I myself learned my lesson as I did that originally, then dropped it after (1) term due to my knowing more than my instructors and went to Penn State. (They even tried to recruit me to come teach!) That was in 1998, when tuition was about $25,000.00 for 18 months. Tuition at Art Institute for 3 years for my niece? $120,000.00. (Graphic Design) Oh, and guess what? When you call Penn State and ask if the credits transfer, they laugh at you! See, Art Institute is owned by a shell company, which is in turn owned by Goldman-Sachs!! Their credits are only good at other similarly related con-artist schools, not REAL colleges or universities. What a fucking fraud. She graduates in 5 months, will be $120,000.00 in debt, and where is she going to work? Nothing like that around here, and I'm sure the design firms that care hire people from REAL Art Schools with accreditation. Doh!!!

The only people I truly feel sorry for are possibly our military veterans who after 10-15 years in service (isolated really) come out of the service after a few tours and come home to NOTHING, no jobs, lousy real estate market, shit economy. If I were them (and not too old or wounded) I swear I'd re-enlist and go right back in, maybe a different branch that's safer like the Air Force or something.


- OmegaMan
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