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Old 03-23-2011
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Default So my neighbor comes over all bent out of shape last night

She said that something tore their rabbit cage open and ate her son's rabbit and wanted to know if we had seen anything.

Initially, I couldn't think of anything, but remember that my kids had seen some Siberian Huskies walking in the woods behind our house a few times. So I mentioned that, and she went off like a heat seeking missile to the neighborhood behind our house (separated by about 150 feet of a wooded slope) where I presume those dogs live.

Thinking some more, I remember a red tailed hawk circling our houses this weekend. He made a piercing attack cry at least once.

Dogs generally don't tear wire cages apart. They really don't have any tools of destruction. But a hawk, especially one the size of this one, probably could have.

Did I finger the wrong suspect here?
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